Why You Should Consider Adding HIIT to Your Workout Regimen

Ready for HIIT
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Why You Should Consider Adding HIIT to Your Workout Regimen


Ready to climb a mountain?

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is all the rage now. You have probably heard of Crossfit. It is a form of HIIT, as are many other circuit training programs. These workouts programs use intense exercise over short periods followed by brief periods of rest before the circuit (or routine) is performed again. Typically these routines last for less than a half hour — including warmup and cooldown. That is one of the primary selling points for HIIT, and there are many others.


At MSA, we realize that training and physical fitness are key to maintaining a healthy body and mind. A HIIT workout is just one of many methods to that end.


Do you think HIIT is for you?


Here are a few benefits that come with a regular HIIT regimen:


Builds Endurance Quickly


You might think you need to log miles on a treadmill or bike to build up your endurance, but that’s just not the case. High Intensity training is not just good for short bursts of energy; studies have shown that those that participate in strictly HIIT increased their overall endurance dramatically.


Burns Calories and Fat Fast


Would you rather work out for an hour or for 15 minutes? If you prefer the latter, HIIT is for you. Studies show that HIIT burns more fat and calories in a short 15-minute period than an hour on the treadmill.


Improves The Effectiveness of Your Energy Use


This might sound a little hokey, but HIIT teaches your body how to use your energy stores. 80% of people in the US lead sedentary lives. It’s not their faults, most jobs these days are desk jobs. We’ve forgotten how to use our energy. HIIT trains the body to effectively use energy.


Boosts Your Metabolism


You consume more oxygen during a HIIT exercise than in a traditional exercise program. More oxygen mean a fast burning metabolism, so you burn more calories for longer.


Continue to Burn Fat and Calories After the Workout Is Over


HIIT forces your body into an intense repair mode after a workout. This means that even 24-hours after your workout, you are still burning calories.


Little or No Equipment Needed


HIIT exercises often require little to no equipment. You use your body weight. Pushups, situps, running, jumping rope, jumping jacks, burpees, etc. are all part of HIIT. You can add weights if you like, but they aren’t necessary.


Lose Fat But Gain Muscle


If you do nothing but cardio, you’re not going to gain much muscle, and you might even lose it. HIIT workouts build muscle mass while shedding fat.


Constantly Varied Workouts


Any workout can be a high intensity workout. It’s all in how you perform the exercises. So, the number of workouts you can use is infinite. You’ll never be bored working out again!




HIIT isn’t easy, and it shouldn’t be. There’s a level of pride and sense of accomplishment when you finish a hard workout. That mythical “runner’s high” when the endorphins start pumping through your system and you find yourself in the “zone”. You can have that each time you workout, if you are willing to put in the work.


High-intensity interval training is a great way to get back in shape and improve your overall health, but like any physical activity, injuries do occur. If you injure yourself, give us a call at MSA. Our team of professionals can get your back to your routine in no time.

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