Common Lacrosse Injuries and How to Prevent Them

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Common Lacrosse Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Lacrosse related injuries

Lacrosse is among the fastest growing sports in America. Learn how to prevent injuries...


Lacrosse is simultaneously the oldest sport and the fasting growing sport in America. Each year thousands of kids and adults decide to to pick up the sticks and take the field to engage in this fast-paced, complex and fun sport.


But as with any sport, it’s never completely safe, no matter the advancements in equipment and training. When playing a contact sport such as Lacrosse it’s a matter of when you will get injured, not if. That’s why we at MSA specialize in helping athletes overcome their injuries and get back on the field as quickly as possible.


Here are a few of the more common lacrosse-related injuries:



As with any sport that requires running, stopping, turning and jumping, sprains are going to happen. The severity of the sprain varies, so we recommend you have anything other than a minor ankle roll, anything where the pain persists, checked out by a professional.


Contusions to the Head and Body

Well, bumps and bruises happen, especially when people are running around with sticks and hurling balls at 60MPH. Most of the time these injuries are relatively minor and should heal on their own, but if, for instance, you fear a fracture of the orbital bone around the eye, please come in immediately.



Not to be confused with contusions. Concussions are no joke. Seek treatment immediately.


Knees Sprains and Strains

When people attempt to make fast “cuts” like you need to make in Lacrosse, they often end up straining, or even tearing, the ligaments in the knee. Most doctors recommend immediate icing followed by an appointment with a specialist in short order.



The most common place we see fractures related to Lacrosse is the wrist. Think about it, you’re twisting and turning your wrist and there are people running around with sticks. If the wrist is fractured there are several methods we can use to stabilize it and allow it to help. Consult with an MSA specialist if you or a loved one fractures their wrist.


Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be an indication of many ailments. It’s best to have any persistent lower back pain checked out by a specialist so they can recommend treatment.


So, how do you prevent these injuries?


Stretching and training. Stretching because properly stretch ligaments and tendons are less likely to strain or tear. Training because being in top physical condition, you are much less likely to injure yourself through overexertion.

It’s that simple.


So, stretch and train and when you do suffer an injury visit MSA to diagnose and treat the problem.


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